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Terms and Conditions of use of AVPG's web portal


The ASOCIACIÓN VENEZOLANA DE PROCESADORES DE GAS (AVPG, for its acronyms in Spanish) invites you to visit its web portal and informs you of the “Terms and Conditions” regulating its use.
The content of this web portal is destined to offer the Users an institutional and information menu in regards to the natural gas industry and its byproducts.
These Terms and Conditions apply to the web portal of the AVPG, in its present condition or any subsequent modification; therefore the user is urged to carefully read these conditions, so that they are understood and accepted by the Users prior to accessing, browsing and using our web portal.
This is not applicable to sites, services and products offered by the AVPG which are not shown or have no link to them, or which have their own policies and conditions of use. Neither do they apply to web portals of third parties accessed through hyperlinks from our web portal.
The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the User is deemed by the AVPG to imply the full understanding and willingness of the User to comply with its content and the applicable set of rules, including all those related to data protection, communications privacy, protection of brands and intellectual property.


    1. Terms and conditions of use: rules set forth for the use of the web portal.

    2. User: an individual or legal person, registered or not, making use of the web portal and the links made available to him through the web portal.

    3. Web portal: means the Internet address www.venezuelagas.net

    4. Hyperlinks: connections between two web pages which may be on the same server or not.

III.- The User:

The access to and/or use of the Web portal grants to whomever does so the status of User, who shall accept these “Terms and conditions”, from that moment onwards, fully and without prejudice, as well as the “Specific Conditions” which could eventually supplement, modify or substitute the General Conditions with respect to specific services and content on the Web portal.

IV.- Use of the Web portal, its services and content:

This Web portal is for private use, for the interests of the AVPG and related companies, therefore its visualization, browsing, printing and downloading is only permitted for obtaining the information therein contained for personal and private use. Any modifications or transformation of its content and use for commercial purposes, or its public distribution or divulgation thereof, are prohibited. The reproduction of the charts, images and logos identifying the Web portal are also prohibited.
The User pledges to use the Web portal and its services and content as per the legislation in force, good faith, generally accepted uses and public order. Likewise, it is forbidden to use the Web portal with illicit or harmful purposes to the AVPG or any third party, or which could cause prejudice in any manner whatsoever or hinder the normal operations of the Web portal. The following uses are specifically prohibited:

The User accepts that the Web portal may not be used to send, transmit or disseminate junk mail, unsolicited emails, unauthorized emails or spam. Likewise, the User accepts that he may not use the Web portal to transmit and disseminate invasive programs and files, spy programs, destroyer programs or any program that limits the operations of other IT systems, telecommunications equipment and software; nor to air, load or supply content messages or content information, or that promote illegal conducts or that incite illegal, illicit, discriminatory, false, slanderous, libelous or offensive, xenophobic, terrorist and/or unlawful conducts or any other conduct deemed to be illicit or that transgresses any applicable norm.
The User accepts that he shall not attempt to access the restricted areas in the Web portal, and, if necessary shall only do so after having accepted the conditions and policies set forth for said purpose.

V.- The web portal:

1.) Information: The AVPG shall put forth its best efforts to maintain as precise and updated information and content as possible. Nevertheless, it shall not be responsible for the use, application or processing given by the Users to the aforementioned information.
The User is fully responsible for the end use given to the information gathered from the web portal.
The AVPG shall strive for the information furnished in the web portal to be exact, complete, up-to-date and that its use be uninterrupted and free from errors.
The use of this material, as well as any interpretation thereof or insertion in other contexts, is the exclusive responsibility of the User.
The information contained in this Web portal may be periodically updated or modified. Therefore, it must not be construed as being definitive or final.
2.) Unilateral modification: The AVPG may modify unilaterally and without prior notice -whenever it deems timely- the structure and design of the current Web portal, and modify or eliminate any and all services, content and access conditions
3.) The privacy of our browsers: The AVPG is not liable for controlling the access or use given by the Users to the web portal, nor the access to the links on it. As a result thereof, the AVPG does not guarantee that the User shall use the web portal as per the law, the general rule of law, nor carefully nor prudently, as per these “Terms and conditions”, without violating the morale and good customs. Therefore, the AVPG is not liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of this Web portal and its services.
4.) Use of the web portal and its links: Under no circumstances is the AVPG liable for the use of its Web portal or the access to the links therein posted, or any action practiced by the Users based on information obtained therein and/or in its links. As a result thereof, the AVPG is not liable for the content or privacy policies / practices of the web sites indicated in our Web portal and any others the web portal offers access to.
5.) Warranty and liability disclaimer - availability, continuity, usefulness and fallibility: The AVPG does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operations of the web portal and its services. It does not guarantee the lack of interruptions, “outages” or errors in accessing the Web portal and its content; likewise, it does not guarantee the integrity of the information, texts, charts contained on the site, nor the links to other sites.
As a result thereof, it is exempt from any liability as a result of losses or damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the lack of availability or continuity of the operations of the web portal and its services; and the usefulness attributed by the User and its services, its fallibility and that of its services, and in particular, although not exclusively, it is exempt from liability due to faults or failures in accessing the various web pages in the web portal or those which it renders services to.
The AVPG grants no warranties nor is it liable, in any case whatsoever, for the damages and prejudices of any nature whatsoever resulting from:

6.- Warranty and liability disclaimer - virus contaminations and similar events: The AVPG does not control nor does it guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the content which may alter any IT system (software and hardware) or in electronic documents and files stored in IT systems.
As a result thereof, it is exempt from liability for any loss or damage whatsoever attributable to the presence of viruses or other elements in the content which may produce alterations in the User´s IT system, electronic documents or records.

VI.- The User´s liability for damages and prejudice:

The use of the Web portal shall be at the User´s sole and exclusive liability. The User shall be liable for any and all damages and prejudice suffered by the AVPG as a result of the noncompliance of any of the obligations the User is subjected to, under these “Terms and conditions”.

VII.- Modifications to these Terms and conditions:

The AVPG reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time these “Terms and conditions”; therefore, in browsing this Web portal, the User accepts that he shall abide by the Terms and conditions in force at the time, so the suggestion is that he check them every time he visits this Web portal.

VIII.- Duration:

The duration of the service rendered by this Web portal and its benefits is indefinite.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the AVPG reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the service or any of its benefits, as per the terms set forth in condition four.

IX.- Hyperlinks:

1.) Any person or entity offering a hyperlink from a web page of another web portal on the Internet to any page on the AVPG´s web portal shall abide by the following conditions:

Save for symbols or signs which are a part of the "hyperlink", the web page in which it is published shall contain no marks, trade name, establishment logo, denomination, logotype, slogan or other distinctive sign or symbol belonging to the AVPG, unless expressly authorized therefor.
Setting up the "hyperlink" does not imply the existence of relations among the AVPG and the owner of the web page or the web portal originating it, nor the knowledge and acceptance by the AVPG of the services and content offered in said web portal.
The AVPG shall not be liable for the content or services offered to the User on the web page or web portal originating the "hyperlink" nor information and statements included therein. Neither is it liable for the privacy practices of the web portals of third parties. In order to be assured that your private information shall be protected, the AVPG recommends the User to carefully read the declarations of confidentiality of these third parties prior to furnishing information.
Any "hyperlink" to the AVPG´s Web portal shall take the User to its main page or main pages of the sections it contains.
2.)- Information on other Web portals: The AVPG´s web portal makes connections and links to other web sites managed and controlled by third parties available to the User. The exclusive purpose of said links is to grant easy access to the User to information, content and services on the Internet. The AVPG does not trade, direct, control or own the content, services, information and statements available in said web sites.
The AVPG is not jointly or indirectly liable for any damages or prejudice whatsoever derived from the access, maintenance, use, quality, lawfulness, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, statements, products and services existing or offered at the Web portal sites not managed by the AVPG which are accessible through its Web portal.

X.- Copyright and intellectual property:

The intellectual property rights of this Web portal, its source code, design, browsing structure, databases and other elements therein contained are owned by, or licensed by the AVPG, who owns the exclusive right to exploit them in any shape and form, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication, updating and transformation.
Likewise, this Web portal contains texts, photographs and images protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, the use and divulgation of which have been assigned by their authors, companies, organizations and/or representatives, and in other cases is of a public nature and their credits are duly recognized and identified.
In accessing the AVPG´s web page, the User declares that he shall respect all intellectual and industrial property rights, those derived from the protection of registered brands, and all rights owned by third parties which eventually are or were or shall be in any shape or manner available on the web portal. Merely accessing the Web portal confers no right of use whatsoever to the User on the names, titles, words, phrases, brands, patents, literary, artistic and musical oeuvres, among others, which are, have been or shall be available on the web portal.
All trade brands or logos included in this Web portal have been authorized by its owners for use therein.
The reproduction of the content previously described is prohibited, except with the prior written authorization of the AVPG, or when destined exclusively for personal use, but the User does not acquire under any circumstance whatsoever any rights over them.
Only temporary files of this web portal are permitted, and their use for commercial and/or advertising purposes or any other purpose that runs counter to the reality for which it was conceived is forbidden. The reproduction, distribution and dissemination in full or in part of texts, figures and/or charts from this web portal is also forbidden without the prior express authorization of the AVPG, and only the printing of copies for personal use and files is permitted, but the parts thereof must not be split or separated, so as to have a faithful and real understanding of its objectives and content.
The User accepts any and all civil and/or criminal liability for the unlawful use of the information, texts, charts, brands, oeuvres and any and all intellectual or industrial property right of this Web portal.
The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights corresponding to the content contributed by third parties is their exclusive responsibility.

XI.- Privacy policy and use of the User´s information:

The AVPG collects personal data and information on the Users in several formularies on the web portal for exclusive use in endeavors related thereto, and in accepting these Terms and conditions, the User accepts to disclose said information and authorizes the uses herein mentioned. In every formulaire where personal data is collected, the User shall receive detailed information on the treatment, aim and use of their data, the compulsory or facultative nature of their responses, the consequences of refusing to provide them and in general, all mentions required by the applicable legislation on personal data protection which, in any event, must be expressly accepted by the User.
Said information shall be compiled and stored by the AVPG, which shall be solely responsible for the storage and use thereof. This information shall be treated as confidential and shall only be disclosed if required by competent authorities for legal or judiciary reasons, in exercising their legitimate functions and as per any applicable legal provisions.
The AVPG shall undertake every effort to protect the User´s personal information. The use and storage of the information uses a broad array of security technologies and procedures to protect the personal information against unauthorized access, use or divulgation. The AVPG shall adopt all the necessary technical and organizational safety measures to avoid the tampering, loss and unauthorized treatment or access thereto. However, the AVPG is not in condition to guarantee or be liable for any damage or prejudice of any nature whatsoever, derived from the illicit use of the User´s information by third parties, nor the loss or leak of information. The User pledges to maintain the data provided duly updated and shall be liable for any damages and prejudices suffered by the AVPG and/or any third parties as a result of the lack of veracity, misrepresentations, outdated data and authenticity of the data furnished.
If in order to use the Web portal or any section thereof a password or access code is required, its choice, configuration and use shall be the exclusive responsibility of the User, as well as the confidential nature thereof. The AVPG may from time to time assign an initial access code or password but shall always ask the User to modify it and assign a new password of their choice. It is the User´s responsibility to modify and personalize it.

XII.- Applicable law and jurisdiction:

These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the legislation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

XIII.- Knowledge:

Through the User´s acceptance of these Terms and conditions, the AVPG assumes that the User comprehends, understands and accepts their purpose and scope. Nevertheless, in case of doubt or queries thereof, the User may contact the AVPG through the electronic addresses avpg@venezuelagas.net and venezuelagas@gmail.com.

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